Paramedic Community of Practice

This COP will meet monthly on the first Friday of the month from 12–1:00 p.m. ET starting on October 7th, 2022.

Paramedics play an incredibly important role in providing a palliative approach to care in the community. If you’re passionate about this subject or want to learn more about the role of paramedics providing palliative care, you’re invited to join the Palliative Care ECHO Project’s Paramedic Community of Practice (COP).

This COP will connect you with community and frontline paramedics from across Canada who have a shared interest in integrating a palliative care approach for patients and their families. It will foster collaboration and knowledge exchange with our interprofessional panel of experts and peers from across Canada. We will take deep dives into palliative care related topics that paramedics are likely to encounter.

During our first session we will highlight the role that paramedics play in providing a palliative approach to care, discuss the importance of acquiring foundational training in this area and learn about some of the initiatives that have been scaled across Canada to support paramedics in providing this type of care. Participants in this initial session will also have the opportunity to provide input on the priority topics for this COP in the coming year.

If you believe palliative care is a fundamental part of emergency medicine, if providing the best possible care (whatever the outcome) is important to you, then we do hope you’ll join us in this community of practice.

Registration instructions:
Registration for this community of practice takes place in Pallium Central.

  1. Click here to visit Pallium Central and login or create an account
  2. Select Paramedic Community of Practice
  3. Type in the enrollment key: PCOP