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Project ECHO (which stands for Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an innovative model of virtual, interprofessional education designed to create communities of learners, democratize and spread clinical knowledge, and build the capacity of professionals to deliver care to people in their communities.

Project ECHO was founded in 2003 at the University of New Mexico and has been recognized globally as a leading approach to improving patient care outcomes. As of June 2022, there are 752 ECHO hubs around the world in 59 countries. ECHO programs have reached over 790,000 unique learners and represent over 4.5 million hours of learning.

The power of ECHO is in its connectivity. ECHO uses a “hub and spoke” education model to connect health care providers in communities (“spokes”) with teams of specialists and experts at regional and national centrwa(the “hub”). Hubs are trained and supported through a network of superhubs—Pallium is one of 33 ECHO superhubs around the world.