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Introducing Death Café: Facilitating Conversations About Death Over Coffee, Tea and Cake

Session was held on May 4, 2023.

Death Cafe is a global movement that provides opportunities for people to talk about death and dying in a comfortable environment. As part of a broader initiative to improve awareness and understanding of palliative care in Alberta, the Covenant Health Palliative Institute is stressing the importance of talking openly about death, and supporting Death Cafes is one means to encourage these conversations.    

During this event, you will hear from a panel of Death Cafe facilitators who will provide an overview of Death Cafe, explain why they facilitate them, share insights about effective facilitation, and answer questions. The Palliative Institute will also share resources and tools to help you facilitate your own Death Cafes.   

We encourage all organizations interested in promoting open conversations about death and dying to attend this session. Together we can positively impact how people view and approach this important topic.


  • Keltie Watson – Host and Moderator 
  • Jessica Johnson – Certified Thanatologist and Executive Director, Peace Hills Society 
  • Gina Vliet – Change Specialist, Charon Consulting