Communication in Palliative Care Part 2 – Strategies for Sticky Situations

This session was held on July 5, 2023.

Join us for an engaging and informative session that goes beyond the fundamentals of communication skills. This workshop is designed to enhance your proficiency in serious illness conversations by incorporating advanced strategies and evidence-based materials from VitalTalk. Drawing from valuable insights gained through essential conversations in palliative care, speakers will explore higher-level techniques that can boost your confidence and elevate the quality of your interactions.

During this live simulation workshop, you will have the opportunity to actively participate, share your experiences, offer suggestions, and learn from fellow participants. By focusing on communication in the context of palliative care, to equip you with the necessary skills to facilitate meaningful care discussions.

The recording for Communication in Palliative Care Part 1 is now available. 


  • Dr. Warren Lewin
  • Dr. Jalal Ebrahim

Communication in Palliative Care Part II – Strategies for Sticky Situations