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Global Examples of Community Connector Programs

This session was held on June 27, 2023.

The community connector concept has been present for centuries, helping connect people to the support they need in varying aspects of their lives. So, why not support people who are experiencing palliative care and ageing? In fact, there are several examples of community connector initiatives focused on supporting those on a palliative care journey and the natural ageing process.

This session, co-hosted by Public Health Palliative Care International, built off the Compassionate Connectors Program – A distinct form of end-of-life volunteering session. The session highlighted four examples of community connector programs from around the world. We encourage you to review the links below to learn more about the four initiatives.

  • Bonnie Tompkins, Compassionate Communities National Lead at Pallium Canada


  • Barbara Pesut PhD RN – Professor, School of Nursing, Principal Research Chair Palliative and End-of-Life Care
  • Jessie Williams – Manager, community programs, Community Care & Wellbeing, National Champions Committee, Palliative Care Australia
  • Camila Ronderos Bernal PhD in public policy – Executive director of Fundación Keralty in Colombia and Keralty Compassionate Communities in the US, Fundación Keralty
  • Dr. Julian Abel – Director, Compassionate Communities UK

Global Examples of Community Connectors Programs