Compassionate Communities Evaluation Guide – Let’s work through examples

January 31, 2024, 1–3 p.m. EST

Are you involved in a Compassionate Communities initiative and struggle with evaluation?

Join this session led by the Pan-Canadian Compassionate Communities Evaluation Project Team, who will demonstrate how the newly released Compassionate Communities Evaluation Guide can be utilized.

During the session, participants will see examples of how the guide will help to create an evaluation plan and support its implementation. Participants will gain a better understanding of this free resource and how to use it to support the data collection and understand the impact of their Compassionate Community work. Sharing this knowledge with the community and funders will only strengthen the impact of the work.

Prior to joining this session, please download the Compassionate Communities Evaluation Guide.


  • Bonnie Tompkins, Pallium Canada
  • Dr. Eman Hassan, BC Centre for Palliative Care
  • Émilie Lessard, Canada Research Chair in Partnership with Patients and Communities