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Paramedic Community of Practice – Series 1

October 2022 to March 2023

Paramedics play an incredibly important role in providing a palliative approach to care in the community. If you’re passionate about this subject or want to learn more about the role of paramedics providing palliative care, the Palliative Care ECHO Project’s Paramedic Community of Practice (COP) is for you.

This COP connects community and frontline paramedics from across Canada who have a shared interest in integrating a palliative care approach for patients and their families. It fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange with our interprofessional panel of experts and peers from across Canada. We take deep dives into palliative care related topics that paramedics are likely to encounter.

Previous Sessions

Find recordings and slides from our past sessions here.

Introductory session

Collaboration and communication with local teams

When is it okay to leave? Setting of care choices, patient and family education

Switching to a palliative care mindset: Not just saving lives but changing lives

How to distinguish delirium from other conditions

Feeling empowered in the grey zone