Navigating Palliative Care at Home: Insights from a Bedside Nurse

January 19, 2024, 12–1 p.m. EST

Join us for an informative webinar that offers a unique perspective on providing palliative care at home. Our featured speaker, an experienced bedside nurse, will delve into essential topics, sharing practical insights, challenges, and solutions. 

Learn about the compassionate and holistic approach to palliative care, symptom management, communication strategies, and the vital role of caregivers in creating a comfortable and supportive home environment. 

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a caregiver, or simply interested in enhancing the quality of life for your loved ones, this webinar will provide invaluable guidance and expertise from the front lines of palliative care in a home setting.


  • Jill Yu Tom, BSN CHPCN (C)
  • Paula Habib, RN